The mission and vision



To reaffirm the commitment to facilitate the concept of healthy islands and health promotion and protection where
  • Children are nurtured in body and mind; 
  • Environments invite learning and leisure; 
  • People work and age with dignity; 
  • Ecological balance is a source of pride;
  • The ocean is protected to sustain our needs


To strengthen the commitment on healthy islands concept in implementing health promotion to protect and promote healthy lifestyles to improve the lives of the people through primary health, and to build the capacity of Ministry of Health, communities, families and partners to actively participate and coordinate preventive services programs and activities as the core resources in primary health care services.
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In the Marshall Islands

The Health Services Board is responsible for public health services. There are two public hospitals, Leroj Atama Medical Center in Majuro which has 101 beds and Leroj Kitlang Health Center in Ebeye which has 45. 

There are 58 health care centres on the outer atolls and islands. There is also a hospital on Kwajalein Atoll at the US military .

In 2008 there were 2 pharmacists, 7 dentists, 38 physicians and 172 nurses working in the country.

The plan is organized according to the six Key Outcome Areas:

  • Key Outcome Area 1: Bureau of Primary Health Care Services
  • Key Outcome Area 2: Majuro Hospital Services
  • Key Outcome Area 3: Kwajalein Health Care Services
  • Key Outcome Area 4: Bureau of Administration
  • Key Outcome Area 5: Office of Health Planning, Policy & Statistics


Key Outcome Area 1: Bureau of Primary Health Care Services
Goal: Preventative and public health services will be efficiently maximized through a healthy islands lifestyle concept and with essential medical and administrative functions to ensure that the health and life span of various individuals, families and communities are enhanced.
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