9-29-2019-RMI Dengue Sit Rep rev1

Respones Summary*

Current Response Goals:

1) Slow spread in Ebeye and Majuro; & prevent spread to outer atolls
2) Assure excellent clinical care to minimize deaths. Response Initiated Emergency Declared


  • Surveillance system with daily updates in place for Ebeye, and Majuro.  

Community Engagement & Vector Control: 

  • Vigorous community engagement, ongoing with help from partners- Red Cross, WUTMI, Kalgov, Malgov. Ebeye complete for community clean-up and spraying of hospital, schools and churches. Community awareness by mass phone texts, radio, posters and public seminars. 
  • Vector Control: 54/54 churches completed; 22/22 schools completed in Majuro 
  • Health Education: 54/54/churches completed; 19/22 schools completed in Majuro 
  • Rain catchment tanks on Ebeye and Majuro not yet screened or treated (due to absence of screening materials & larvicide. Majuro: Trash and large item pick up completed in Ebeye and in about 1⁄2 of Majuro (from Rita-Rairok villages). Four Illegal dumps in Majuro found (but not yet addressed). 

Clinical capacity:

  • Dengue 101 clinical seminars completed in Ebeye: 100% of doctors & 100% clinical nurses and Majuro: 100% of doctors, 100% NPs, 100% triage & ward nurses. Fast track outpatient dengue clinic using NPs in Majuro Hospital is open and dedicated dengue ward scheduled to open on Sept 16.
  • Lab at Ebeye & Majuro fully functional for dengue care.

Preparation for outer atolls: 

  • Dengue 101 not yet delivered to health assistants; Community cleanup initiated in 3 outer atolls but most still pending; Shipments of dengue-related supplies to go to
    some atolls this week. 
  • Travel restrictions for Ebeye & Majuro  outer atolls in place since Aug 23. 

Dengue-related Inventory: 

  • Projected inventory gaps identified this week. MOHHS order not yet placed for projected gaps; Some items requested from regional partners (and are pending) 

Priority activities this week:
Place inventory gaps orders; Begin treating rain catchment tanks (t/o RMI) as soon as supplies are in. Address Majuro dumps & complete removal of large items. Accelerate Outer Atoll preparation Improve surveillance reporting, Deliver Dengue 101 to health assistants; Institute community clean-ups 


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