RMI MOH Annual Report 2013


We are quite pleased to present to you the MOH Annual Report for FY2013. The Ministry of Health continues to escalate the level of health care being provided to the citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

This annual report is presented in a different manner compare to the ones submitted during the previous years. As such, this annual report includes how the Ministry of Health has been performing reflecting the MDG required indicators as well as the over-arching measures and Ministry’s management indicators. The annual report also attempts to openly present the current situation of the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) and the risk factors therein; namely diabetes mellitus; cancer of all types being treated; medical conditions related to tobacco misuse; cardio-vascular diseases, respiratory infection and the like.

Bulk of the diseases, medical conditions and complications reported are preventable and can be reduced and/or eliminated with simple personal hygiene, understanding how to create a healthy life and simple changes in lifestyles to take charge of one’s own health and healthy choice. Passage and enforcement of stronger laws, regulations and school policies aimed at unhealthy foods, tobacco, betel nut, alcohol and physical activity are urgently needed to control NCDs.

The annual report was written for the readers to be able to understand the current situation of our health status. The statistical data, tables and other graphs presented can easily be understood.
It is with an understanding that we will still be facing with numerous challenges given the cross-cutting issues which are beyond the reach and control of the Ministry of Health. However, with robust and proactive collaborations with other government sectors, faith based organizations and, of course civil societies, RMI can remedy many of these health challenges we have at the present time.

The Ministry of Health and we extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to our traditional leaders, our local partner, our local governments for their continued supports. We also extend our acknowledgement to our international partners like WHO, SPC, CDC, Japan, Australia for their supports. Finally, would like to give a special acknowledgement to His Excellency President Chrsistopher J. Loeak and the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands for its continued supports to the Ministry of Health.

© RMI Ministry of Health and Human services