Annual Health Data Report 2012

The Ministry of Health acknowledges and recognizes numerous contributions and support offered to upgrade the level of care by relevant government sectors, private sectors, civil societies, individuals and the churchbased organizations, many of which are notmentioned in this report. Without these worthy contributions the Ministry of Health could not have system.We are so grateful.

The high light of the fiscal year started with the Dengue Fever Outbreak. MOH the immeasurable support andtechnical assistance rendered by the Center for Disease Controland Prevention (CDC). In particular, MOH recognizes Dr. TaiHo Chen, Quarantine Medical Officer based in Honolulu, Hawaii for coordinating conference calls, surveillance and assistance to RMI throughout the outbreak. MOH acknowledges and a kommool tata to the following health agencies for allowing their medical staff to assist our local medical staff: Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu for Dr. Wilfred Alik; Ministry of Health, Republic of Palau for Dr. Robert Maddison and the John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii for Dr. Sheldon Riklon. Kommool tata also to Dr. Tyler Sharp of CDC and Dr. Eric Nilles of WHO.

The Ministry of Health acknowledges the continued support from the Office of the President and the Government of the Marshall Islands. Kommool tata to Mr. Casten Nemra, Chief Secretary, for the able leadership in coordinating the cleanup efforts with all government entities, NGOs and international partners as one of the major preventive efforts during the dengue outbreak to further confirm the theme “health is a shared responsibility”.

Last but not least, we wish to recognize the tireless and professional efforts of our own Ministry staff, who have come together as one team to actively carry out their respective roles in responsibilities at all level of care and support services. The hard work, ideas shared, countless hours spent whether in the dengue ward, laboratory or meetings were all worth the determinations.

To our local, regional and international partners listed and those who have contributed support one way or another during the Fiscal Year 2012, kommool tata and God bless you.

© RMI Ministry of Health and Human services