RMI MOH Annual Report 2005

The Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls and five major islands, which form two parallel groups- the “Ratak (sunrise) chain and the “Ralik” (sunset) chain. The Marshallese is of Micronesian origin. The matrilineal Marshallese culture revolves around a complex system of clans and lineages tied to land ownership.

The Marshall Islands has an area of 1826 square kilometers and is composed of two coral atoll chains in the Central Pac ific. The Marshall Islands is a parliamentary democracy, constitutionally in free association with the United States of America with a developing agrarian and service-oriented economy.

The Ministry of Health is the main provider of all health care services to the entire nation. Under the constitution of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Ministry continues to face challenges in providing quality and affordable health care to the peoples of the Republic. However, with creative and collaborative thoughts, generally arrives at creative solutions to deliver its mandate.

During fiscal year 2005, Ministry of Health annual budget was $15,955,932. This is an equivalent of 13.68 percent of the nation’s global budget to keep in line with the Ministry’s mission statement;

“To provide high quality, effective, affordable, and efficient health services to all peoples of the Marshall Islands, through a primary health care program to improve health status and build the capacity of each community, family and the individual to care for their own health. To the maximum extent possible, the Ministry of Health pursues these goals using the national facilities, staff and resources of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.”

The Ministry continues to explore avenues to provide the best quality health care possible to the people despite its meager funding and limited human and capital resources. The current health indicators reveal a much improved health status and a steady progress with community participation in implementing this theme “Health is a Shared Responsibility.” However, there is still a need to reflect more on the changing lifestyles associated with epidemiological transition from infectious to non-communicable diseases.

This report represents a summary of the Health Ministry’s major activities and development and an assessment of the medical progress during the fiscal year 2005.

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