HeRAMS Final Report in the Republic of Marshall Islands

Executive summary

The Health Resources Availability and Mapping System (HeRAMS), developed and used by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2009, was primarily used for monitoring health facilities, services, and resources availability in response to emergencies.

This consultancy was held from 4th December 2018 to 18th January 2019 in the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI). It aims to support the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MOH) in assessing primary health facilities with the HeRAMS tool kit and collect/analyze health service utilization data at primary care level. During first three weeks on-site, the consultant reviewed the existing data of MOH, conducted individual trainings for MOH officers on data collection and dataset management using HeRAMS toolkit, as well as conducted site visits and radio interviews for health facilities (HF).

The final report concluded that periodic data update is necessary to ensure timeliness of data. The Marshall Islands may consider to work continuously and closely with WHO for regular data update.

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